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Why Choose Us?

With a history spanning more than 15 years, we have a proven track record of nurturing young minds to excel in the English language. Initially, we focused on preparing students for spoken and written English exams conducted by the Institute of Western Music and Speech (IWMS). However, about 7 years ago, we proudly became a Cambridge English preparation Centre for the British Council Colombo. Today, our students benefit from the best of both worlds as they prepare for IWMS and Cambridge English exams simultaneously.

At 4 Skills School of English, we understand that every child is unique. We take pride in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, providing individualized support, and fostering a student-centered learning environment. Our commitment goes beyond mere language acquisition; it is about helping your child succeed in acquiring English fluency and precision. Our holistic approach encompasses speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills.

Ready to equip your child with the language skills they need for a bright future? Join us at 4 Skills School of English today. Enroll now and take the first step towards providing your child with the tools they need to thrive in an English-speaking world. Your child’s journey to English mastery starts here.

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Why Choose 4 Skills School for Confident English Speaking?

At 4 Skills School of English, we understand that building confidence in speaking English is a vital skill for young learners. Here’s why we are the best choice to nurture this skill:

Expertise in Child-Centric Learning: We specialize in creating a child-centric learning environment where each young student is valued and supported. Our experienced educators are not just language experts; they are skilled at engaging with children, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Individualized Approach: We recognize that every child is unique, with their own pace and learning style. That’s why we tailor our teaching to the specific needs and strengths of each student. This personalized approach ensures that your child gains confidence at their own pace, building a strong foundation for effective communication.

Interactive Learning: We believe in active engagement as the key to confidence. Our interactive lessons and activities encourage students to speak, share, and express themselves in English. This hands-on approach helps them overcome shyness and hesitancy, fostering the self-assurance they need to communicate effectively.

Positive Learning Environment: At 4 Skills, we create a positive and supportive atmosphere where children feel safe to express themselves without fear of judgment. This environment plays a crucial role in boosting their confidence and helping them develop the essential skill of speaking English with ease.

Holistic Development: Our curriculum not only focuses on language proficiency but also on building a child’s overall confidence and communication skills. Through storytelling, group discussions, and presentations, we empower students to speak confidently in various real-life situations.

Choose 4 Skills School of English to empower your child with the confidence to speak English fluently and confidently, setting them on a path to success in today’s globalized world.

Student Testimonials

Thirani Imanya Athukorala
Thirani Imanya Athukorala
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I was a student at 4 skills school of English for about 6 / 7 years. That was the place where I started elocution and no doubt, I’m currently experiencing the results of what I learned back then. Miss Dinky is one of a kind. She supports every child the same way and helps them to achieve the best. I remember how she helped me to get ready for spoken and written exams (IWMS). Because she wanted us to reach the top. Getting 100% and receiving a trophy at the award ceremony was our goal as small children. But she managed to let us achieve that along with a pile of knowledge in our brains. I still have the collection of trophies I won. As a university student who gets expose to the society, I now feel the value of learning english with all the four skills. All thanks to my dearest teacher. I’m glad I was a part of the 4 skills school of English.
B.A.Imaksha Sandali
B.A.Imaksha Sandali
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Hello I'm Imaksha Sandali.I'm currently following Chartered Accountancy and working at an audit firm as a trainee. I'm a student of 4Skills School of English since 2013.I improved my english knowledge, spoken skills from this class.It's very useful for my job and to be a professional auditor.The teachers are very friendly and we can get the solutions for our problems.I'm very glad to be a student of 4Skills School of English. Thank you soo much Dinky Miss and other teachers.
 Kavindya Kahandagama
Kavindya Kahandagama
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I’m Kavindya Kahandagama currently employed at Hilton Colombo as an Executive for Conference and Events. I joined the courses back in 2016 till 2019. Followed IWMS exams both Oral and Written Elocution exams which helped me alot in my language that benefited me in terms of my career as well. The teachers guided me and taught methods alot where as how to use the language effectively . It’s been a pleasure to learn from Ms.Dinky and the team that helped me to go through language barriers that came across. Thank you

Trusted by

Leading Universities

Trusted by Leading Universities: Your Path to Excellence Awaits!

At 4 Skills School of English, our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust and recognition of leading universities. Join the ranks of students who have embarked on a transformative journey with us, equipping themselves with the language skills that set them apart. Don’t miss the chance to be part of our success story. Enroll now and experience firsthand why we’re the trusted choice for those aspiring to excel in English. Your future begins here!

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends,

At 4 Skills School of English, we are driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to help individuals excel in the English language. Over our 15-year journey, we’ve earned the trust of leading universities and have become a dual-certification institute for IWMS and Cambridge English exams. Our commitment to personalized support and a student-centered approach sets us apart. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, where language mastery opens doors to new horizons. Your success begins here at 4 Skills School of English.


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Dinky Jayasundara
Director of 4 Skills School Of English